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What is Connections?

Connections is a social resource network providing peer connections to Cal Poly students. Due to COVID-19, some Connections programming is currently virtual. If you are a Cal Poly student seeking disability-related services, please visit the Disability Resource Center (DRC) website. For campus updates on COVID-19, visit Cal Poly's Coronavirus Information page.

The Connections umbrella of programming comprises:

• Connections Club

Gatherings to promote campus community and help students meet new people and form friendships. Students are invited to socialize in a low-pressure, welcoming environment, where they can engage as much or as little as is comfortable. Being registered with the DRC is not required.

• ASD Student Group

A weekly group that provides a chance for students with autism to spend time around neurodivergent peers with no expectation of performing neurotypicality.

• Chronic Invisible Illness Support Group

A weekly group for students who experience chronic invisible illness to share experiences, resources, and support in a safe environment of peers.

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