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Autistic College Transition Program (ACT)

Fall quarter of 2018 will launch a new program for incoming students. Autistic College Transitions will consist of two interconnected programs.

1. Workshop series

  • Weekly “life skills” workshops. Topics include:
    • Navigating the campus: socializing with peers and talking to professors (self-advocacy)
    • Having conversations and listening to others
    • Understanding how others think (Theory of Mind)
    • Friendship: Deciding who to choose as a friend, how to maintain friendships, and how to handle disagreements
    • Dating: How to recognize if someone is interested in you, how to make or accept an initial approach, dealing with sexuality and sexual issues
    • Grooming and Hygiene
    • Job Skills: Searching for jobs, going on interviews, dressing for work, skills needed to keep a job
    • Money management skills
    • Independent living skills
    • Compromising and flexibility
    • Handling frustration, anger and anxiety

2. Mentoring Program

  • ACT participants will be matched with a peer mentor to help guide them through their transition year.
  • Peer mentors will be specially trained in a variety of topics related to transitioning to independent-living.

Social Groups

The Connections Umbrella has two social groups which may interest autistic students.

1. Autistic Self-Advocacy Network

Weekly gatherings for students on the spectrum to spend time around others like them in a welcoming/accepting environment. Sign up here to receive emails on meeting schedules.

2. Connections Club

A club focused on inclusivity, intended specifically for people to socialize and meet others. Find out more information on our Connections Club page.


More experienced students will advise on navigating Cal Poly/SLO with disabilities (including autism), sharing insights on accessibility, directing mentees to academic and social resources, and providing emotional support.

You can find more information on our Access Mentoring page.


Contribute to our online chat forum to share experiences, resources, and support.

Student Contacts

Would you like to speak with another autistic student? Fill out an application for Ability Sidekicks


Contact our Student Representative, Evan, by texting "ASD" to (858) 357-6206


For Information on the Autistic Students’ Network, please contact Connections:

  • Email
  • Call 805-756-5930
  • Text 860-806-2527
  • Request information in person at the DRC

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